The municipality Kaag en Braassem covers an area of 72 km2, of which about 88% is land and 12% water and lakes. The area is centrally located between Schiphol Airport, Leiden and Alphen aan den Rijn and is very accessible by car, public transportation, bicycle or by boat.


By car

It is a 19-minute drive from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Oude Wetering and Roelofarendsveen over the A4 motorway. In addition to the exit to Oude Wetering/Roelofsarendsveen, Nieuwe Wetering, Rijpwetering and Oud Ade are also easy to reach via the A4 within 20 - 25 minutes.

If you take the exit to the A44 off the A4 from Schiphol Airport, you can be at De Kaag within 30 minutes. At Buitenkaag take the ferry and you will be on Kaag (island) within 10 minutes.

Rijnsaterwoude and Woubrugge can be reached from Schiphol over the A4 and N207 and you will arrive within 18 to 24 minutes.

Public Transportation

Bus 365 from Schiphol, direction Leiden Centraal (Central Station), will take you to Oude Wetering and Roelofarendsveen. At every bus stop in these villages you can transfer to bus 56, direction Leiden Centraal. This bus takes you through the villages of Nieuwe Wetering, Rijpwetering and Oud Ade before you reach Leiderdorp and Leiden.

Leimuiden, Rijnsaterwoude and Woubrugge are also easily accessible by bus. Taking bus 370 from Schiphol direction Alphen aan den Rijn, you will reach Leimuiden in 20 minutes. To reach Rijnsaterwoude, you can get off just a bit further at Woudsedijk-Zuid on the N207. One stop further and you get off at the Kruisweg in Woubrugge where you can transfer to bus 182 to go further into this village.

De Kaag can be reached within an hour from Schiphol with a transfer. First travel by bus 361 towards Noordwijk; transfer at Hyacinthenstraat in Lisse, where the local bus 723 takes you to Oude Wetering. Within a few minutes you can get off at the bus stop of the Kaagpont (the Kaag ferry).

Bilderdam falls partly under Leimuiden. This centre can be reached by taking bus 300 from Schiphol, where you get off at the Station bus stop, upstairs (Hoek A4). Downstairs at the station you will find bus number 340 in the direction of Uithoorn. Get off at Hortensiaplein in Aalsmeer. From here, take bus 172 to the Bildammerweg. From here it is a 13-minute walk to Bilderdam.

Bicycle Rental

There are a number of places where bikes can be rented to see the local beauty spots. Bicycles can be rented at: Gebr. Weinholt B.V. Meerzicht in Rijnsaterwoude, Jachthaven & Kanocentrum De Noord Aa in Hoogmade or Park Wijde Aa in Roelofarendsveen.

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Ferry Services

There are four ferry services in Kaag en Braassem. Depending on your route you can make use of the following ferry services:

Ferry Service Kaag – Buitenkaag
Ferry Service Oude Wetering – Leimuiden
Ferry Service Paddegat – Woubrugge
Pedestrian and bicycle ferry Kaag – Oud Ade

Accessibility via the water

There are an abundance of water sports in Kaag en Braassem. How could it be otherwise, with the Kagerplassen ponds, the Braassemermeer lake, and the Wijde AA (offshoot of the Braassemer) all in the same area?

All ponds are interconnected by rivers that cut through the area. From the Braassemermeer you have a choice of three sailing routes. Via the Paddegat you sail to the Wijde AA, then through the (Kromme) Does, Dwarswatering and the Zijl and finally end up on the Kagerplassen. You can sail to Rijpwetering through various inner rivers and eventually come back to the Braassemermer through the Drecht. Take a look at our sailing route page.


Kaag en Braassem is located in the Groene Hart area, surrounded by water. Several rivers lead you along the most beautiful spots of this area.

The Ringvaart is the water on which Kaag en Braassem borders the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Between the Nieuwe Meer in Amsterdam and Oude Wetering, the Ringvaart is a part of the shipping connection between Amsterdam, Gouda and Rotterdam.

The Drecht River is a (channelled) peat river that runs from Oude Wetering along Leimuiden, Vriezekoop and Bilderdam to the Aarkanaal and the Amstel-Drechtkanaal at the Tolhuissluis. Then there is the Aarkanaal that is connected on one side by the Drecht and the Oude Rijn (Old Rhine) on the other.

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